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Why TwoDollarsOnly Affiliate Program

Easy Registration & Activation

Register through the Form on the left and activation of accounts are usually done within 24 hours. Accounts are immediately rejected if all the fields are not completed.

Best Conversion Rates Ever

TwoDollarsOnly is the only online shopping platform that ships out products that are priced at two dollars flat. In addition, we provide free shipping all the time. That explains how our conversion rates are sky high and it is guaranteed that you will find the same success in running your own affiliate campaigns within our program.

Big Commission for Everybody

At 4.10% for affiliate commission fees, it is by far the highest among most e-commerce stores and this rate even surpasses Amazon, Rakuten and Lazada on some categories.

Mobile Platform and Promotions

Established in 2016, TwoDollarsOnly has been rapidly penetrating into the e-commerce space across the globe and has thousands of products in its catalogue. With the new mobile platform and the many ongoing promotions, affiliates can expect to have higher significantly higher conversion ratios.

Advanced Real Time Overview of Statistics

How does one become a successful affiliate without professional tracking tools? TwoDollarsOnly has a robust tracking system that allows all our affiliates to track their link’s performance in their own private dashboard. This way, each affiliate will be able to plan and execute their own campaigns without all the guesswork.

Professional Support for Affiliates

Our Affiliates are what makes TwoDollarsOnly successful today. We have a full team of support staff who will be able to help you on everything – from generating links, campaigns and your payouts. Have a question? Feel free to email [email protected] We’ve got your back!